Working safely & responsibly with industrial rope techniques

Industrial rope techniques is a form of work positioning. By means of ropes & associated equipment, hard-to-reach workplaces can be reached in a safe & responsible manner.

This specific & flexible working method offers numerous possibilities when working at heights.

Minimal nuisance

The easy installation & dismantling of our access systems enable quick interventions & ensure minimal disruption to the working environment. Most jobs can be carried out without taking production installations out of service.

Strict procedures, appropriate resources

By using clear procedures, an experiential selection of the resources used & the deployment of permanent supervisors & operators in employment, we have been able to build a respectful relationship of trust with our numerous clients.

Safe rope installation

Our rope installations are always based on positioning & fall protection. By combining different installations, our technicians can move safely in all directions. Efficient & thoughtful evacuation procedures are an integral part of any work order.

Industrial rope techniques according to the IRATA guidelines offer a safe alternative to traditional means when working at height.